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Falling Away On The Racket

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


The premier Triple J heavy music radio broadcast, The Racket, has featured another awesome track by a Mannequin Republic artists as they drop the first single from the new A Breach Of Silence album, “Falling Away” on their January 17 program.

The Racket is well known by hardcore and metal music fans across Australia for their excellent selection of Aussie and international heavy music tracks played Tuesday night from 10:00pm.

Our thanks to the producers behind The Racket, Triple J Radio and DJ Lochlan Watt for including the new A Breach Of Silence on the show.  You can see the full playlist for that edition on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/THERACKET/posts/10155682853303662.

Also, make sure you see the hot new music video for “Falling Away” available right now on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQtl3zt4lkU.… more...

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Stargazing Fast Loud

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


A special thanks to the fine folks in the production room at Triple J Radio’s awesome Short Fast Loud radio show for featuring another great track by Mannequin Republic’s own Bayharbour.

On the October 26 episode of Short Fast Loud, fans were treated to the brand new single “Stargazing” by Bayharbour, marking the track’s terrestrial radio debut.  “Stargazing“ is also a part of Bayharbour’s debut full length album Time Lapse released December 2 worldwide.

Short Fast Loud on Triple J is one of the premier mainstream sports to hear great Australian and international hardcore punk and metal music.  The show goes live every Wednesday night from 10:00 pm and can be heard Australia wide.

You can see the full playlist from October 26 at https://www.facebook.com/shortfastloud/posts/10154729088901473 and make sure you let them know how keen you are to hear more Bayharbour on Short Fast Loud.

You can also listen to “Stargazing” … more...

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Unearthed Plays Bayharbour

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Mannequin Republic would like to thank the hardworking broadcasters and producers putting in the hours on the Triple J Unearthed Plays digital radio station, which has featured one of our hottest bands, Bayharbour, several times over February and March.

Bayharbour’s latest single, “Find Solace” has made multiple appearances on the Unearthed networks since its debut and the popularity of the track has caused rotation to increase.  It is featured several times per week on the Triple J channel dedicated to underground Australian music, with plays on February 21, 24, 28 and March 8 and 13.

You can check out the live stream for yourself right now online by going to http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/player/unearthed.htm.  You can also see what Bayharbour are up to and their recent reviews, latest tracks and information by going to their official Unearthed website at https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/bayharbour.more...

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Solace Unearthed

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Massive thanks to the fine folks at Triple J for taking time to comb the ever expanding lists of Unearthed artists and acknowledging the hard work done by homegrown Australian artists, such as Mannequin Republic’s own Bayharbour.

We were stoked to see that in a recent review published on the Unearthed website, Bayharbour made the list of “11 Songs The Triple J Team Are Loving Right Now” with their hot new single “Find Solace” getting some love.

Special thanks to reviewer Max Quinn, who singled out Bayharbour, saying “This week was a good week for heavy music, and this one’s my pick of the bunch.”

You can hear “Find Solace” by Bayharbour on Unearthed right now, as well as check out the other hot bands that made the top 11, such as Safe Sex, Clea, Smile, Twin Fires, LTC, and Fortunes, by going to https://www.triplejunearthed.com/article/new-reviews-11-songs-triple-j-team-are-loving-right-now.… more...

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Solace Fast Loud

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


We here at Mannequin Republic were pleased as punch to tune into Triple J radio on December 1 and hear our very own Bayharbour’s latest single “Find Solace” make its terrestrial radio debut on the excellent Short Fast Loud programme.

The new effort from Bayharbour has been turning the heads of critics around the world and as always Short Fast Loud is on top of the game by being the first Australian broadcast radio station to play the song in its entirety live on air.

Major thanks to the hardworking show producers and big wigs pulling the strings behind the scenes at Triple J radio, as well as the brand new Short Fast Loud host Josh Merriel for including “Find Solace” by Bayharbour on their playlist.

Bayharbour were able to share the airwaves with some other truly remarkable bands, including The Devil Wears Prada, Jimmy Eat World and Every Time … more...

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