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Breach Bundle Giveaway

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Our good mates at Eclipse Records, the official record label of powercore icons A Breach Of Silence, have been holding a little contest recently and the good news is for you there’s still a few days left to get involved!

The prize is a massive merch bundle featuring heaps of killer A Breach Of Silence gear, including the classic Night Rider t-shirt, new Wolf Train t-shirt, physical copies of the band’s three full length albums, Secrets, The Darkest Road and Dead Or Alive, one poster and four Streetcult sampler CDs with even more heavy music than you can handle.

You still have a little time left to enter and win, so head over to the official Eclipse Records website right now at https://www.eclipserecords.com/freestuff/contest/enter-to-win-a-breach-of-silence-mega-merch-giveaway/ and follow the instructions to be part of this massive give away!… more...

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Metal Tales Tested

Posted on by Ian Gnatz


At the end of 2016, the local underground music world was abuzz with talk when brand new heavy metal themed video game, Metal Tales: Fury Of The Guitar Gods, was released  by independent developer Nuberu Games.  The attraction was mostly credited to it’s unusually stellar soundtrack, which featured Mannequin Republic’s own A Breach Of Silence.

The game was recently put to the test by heavy music media source Metal Underground, in a piece put together by prolific reviewer xFiruath.  The review naturally started by praising the game’s soundtrack with a specific nod to A Breach Of Silence, whose “The Darkest Road” is part of the tracklist.

Apart from the epic tunes, the game checked out as a fun and exciting video game and was given a 4 out of 5 skull review.  If you’re keen on video games and top shelf metal tunes, make sure you check out this article … more...

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Tales Breach The Music

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Mainstay music industry magazine, The Music, has picked up another story on A Breach Of Silence, highlighting the recent addition of their track “Dead Or Alive” to a new video game, which is all about metal.

The article goes into great detail on the game and even publishes some interesting screen shots and game play trailer, with an enthusiastic look at the Metal Tales theme and player mission.

See the game that has the music world talking again about A Breach Of Silence by going to the official website of The Music and reading the article at http://themusic.com.au/news/all/2016/11/15/fyi-a-brisbane-metalcore-band-features-in-this-spanish-heavy-metal-action-adventure-video-game/.… more...

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Breach In Video Game

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


When you’re in the music industry, you never know where opportunities will come from or what projects you’ll be asked to be a part of.  That is why it is no shock to us here at Mannequin Republic to see our very own A Breach Of Silence featured in a new video game.

The game is titled “Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods” and is available on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.  The game takes you through missions as a metal god on a journey to destroy the bosses of different metal genres in a rogue-like shooter.

The game focuses on metal, guitars and heavy music, with multiplayer features and an excellent soundtrack, which includes “The Darkest Road” by A Breach Of Silence as one of the many awesome tunes in the game.

For fans of metal, A Breach Of Silence and computer games, we encourage you to check … more...

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Go Hard On Spotify

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Spotify continues to keep us entertained with their innovative playlist selections, specifically in the hardcore and metalcore genre with the always hot tracks featured on “Go Hard Or Go Home.”

Mannequin Republic are stoked to see two of our bands continue to impress the playlist setter at Spotify with Bayharbour’s latest single “Find Solace” still tearing up the charts at the number 3 spot and the addition of A Breach Of Silence’s title track off their last album, “The Darkest Road” listed at number 19.

Alongside A Breach Of Silence and Bayharbour, the Spotify list includes such notable hardcore and heavy music acts as Ocean Grove, Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive, Make Them Suffer, King Parrot, I Killed The Prom Queen.

You can get ahold of the list for yourself on the official Spotify website at https://play.spotify.com/user/spotifyaustralia/playlist/32cQ7y36C33Wf9XNiwAySG.

You can also have a sneaky peak at the list on Reddit by … more...

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