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Heavy Spotifying

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


For all the locals here in Australia who want to catch a listen of what your hometown heroes are putting out in the heavy music world, or any of our mates from around the world who want a firsthand taste of the Aussie heavy music culture, jump on to Spotify and get into the Homegrown And Heavy Playlist.

Homegrown And Heavy keeps you up to date on the best new metal, hardcore, punk and alternative music coming out in Australia and New Zealand.

We are proud to have had several Mannequin Republic bands make the playlist since its inception and right now you can hear new tunes by Bayharbour and A Breach Of Silence from their new albums.

We know Aussies can out out some brutal tunes and you can hear what’s going on right now on Spotify by heading over to the Homegrown And Heavy Playlist at https://open.spotify.com/user/spotifyaustralia/playlist/32cQ7y36C33Wf9XNiwAySG.… more...

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Spotify Has Secrets

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


A reminder to all our Spotify subscribers and heavy music fans out there in general that the widely raved about and critically acclaimed new album Secrets by A Breach Of Silence is now available on the streaming service for your listening enjoyment.

Several tracks off the new album have made it onto official Spotify playlists and the full album is very highly rated.  If you haven’t heard Secrets yet or want to rock out to it again, check it out on Spotify right now.

You can stream it from your computer or phone by going to https://play.spotify.com/album/3h3oOiCNNH3pNgkD7yA5mn?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open.… more...

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Riff In Peace

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


On March 25, a special new EP was released by a band many of you may remember, Ashes Of December.  Amongst the former members of the band was guitarist Glen Barrie, who later became an integral part of As Paradise Falls and unfortunately passed away during the recording of their last album.

Ashes Of December reformed briefly to write, record and release three special tracks dedicated to the life and memory of Glen in an EP entitled Riff In Peace.  The tracks are available right now on iTunes and Spotify and we encourage all of you to purchase it right now.

All the proceeds from these recordings go to Glen’s wife and newborn son.  These are three excellent new tracks for anyone who enjoyed Ashes Of December or is a fan of the hardcore music genre.

You can get the EP in iTunes by going to https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/riff-in-peace-single/id1219428282 or on … more...

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Ride Or Die On Spotify

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


The first tracks that come to mind off of A Breach Of Silence’s new full length album, Secrets, are probably the early singles “Falling Away” and “Broken” or underground fan favourite “Sugar And Spice.”  However, another track has been turning heads in recent weeks, that being “Ride Or Die.”

“Ride Or Die” has recently been championed by the knowledgable and particular playlist editors on Spotify, making it a featured part of the New Metal Tracks Playlist.

If you already subscribe to Spotify, it’s well worth checking out this awesome playlist by going to https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/4UIvC4UYUecnpWkHCMRlri, where you can hear “Ride Or Die” along with a heap of other hot new heavy tracks.

The entire Secrets album by A Breach Of Silence is also available on Spotify along with loads of other specially crafted playlists featuring other Mannequin Republic acts.  Get listening!… more...

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Eclipse Currents On Spotify

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Eclipse Records, the official record label of Mannequin Republic act A Breach Of Silence, has put together a killer Spotify playlist, featuring the hot new selections from the bands on their label, including, of course, A Breach Of Silence.

Head over to https://play.spotify.com/user/eclipserecords/playlist/7kPFchzhWq18Jko5kC8GIv and check out some of awesome new tracks running through the Eclipse Records group.  Notable recents include “Falling Away” and “Broken” by A Breach Of Silence, and the first singles off their new album Secrets.

Also on the playlist you can hear new stuff by excellent heavy acts Despite, Sixty Miles Ahead and Naberus, plus many more.  Head over and give it a listen right now, you won’t be disappointed.… more...

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