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Falling For Trinatyde

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Every once in awhile you come across a band that was just meant to be on your playlist and that you can get excited about going to their gigs and feel passionate enough to share their music with your friends.

That’s the way music enthusiast Damien Murphy felt when he came across Trinatyde through a series of near-misses and coincidences that lead him to becoming such a fan of the band that he had to share it on his website.

The post is featured as part of Mosh Pit Mondays on the website Forever Falling Short, which features some great introductions to new bands, particularly in the Brisbane, Queensland area.

Make sure you check out this interesting perspective on Trinatyde right now by going to http://www.foreverfallingshort.com.au/2016/05/mosh-pit-monday-57-trinatyde.html.  Major thanks to Damien for the enthusiasm and effort in the underground music projects he’s a part of.… more...

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