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Sale On Solace Tees

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Bayharbour have once again made a splash in the hardcore music scene with the surprise release of their latest single and the waves of positive support from fans and critics.

Of course, many Bayharbour fans are still buzzing over the band’s previous single, “Find Solace” which came out earlier this year with a host of excellent merchandise.

For those fans, we strongly suggest you head over the the official Bayharbour Bigcartel store where you can get those awesome “Find Solace” t-shirts for only $20 in this special sale.

Check them out for yourself right now at http://bayharbour.bigcartel.com/.… more...

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Bayharbour Pass 30K on Spotify

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Another little milestone for Brisbane based hardcore act Bayharbour as they officially passed 30,000 listens for their latest single “Find Solace” on major music streaming service Spotify.

The single is scheduled to be part of the next recording project released by Bayharbour in the near future and has met with a great deal of critical acclaim as well as major fan support.

Spotify hosts a large portion of songs from the Bayharbour catalog, all available to stream right now at https://play.spotify.com/artist/5j87IImPZvwoYy8sB2Wpuu.

If you’re not on Spotify, what are you waiting for?  Go sign up today!… more...

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Solace Breaks 20K on Spotify

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


One of Brisbane’s most beloved hardcore outfits, Bayharbour, has recently added another credit to their resume, with the band’s latest single being heavily sought after by fans on music streaming platform Spotify.

Rumoured to be a part of their debut full length release, the single “Find Solace”, which was released earlier this year, has surpassed 20,000 plays on Spotify.  As their next recording project progresses towards its release date, appetite for Bayharbour’s music continues to grow.

For the millions of music fans around the world who currently use Spotify, you can check out “Find Solace” right now by going to https://play.spotify.com/track/4hCrA03xEwj6OgfOwMj4hw.

If you’re not yet using Spotify, what are you waiting for?  It’s free and you can hear heaps of great Mannequin Republic bands, including Bayharbour, 24 hours a day.… more...

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Muse Review Bayharbour Launch

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Still being talked about as one of the best underground shows of 2016 so far, Bayharbour’s single launch at The Brightside reestablished the band as one of Brisbane’s hottest hardcore acts.

Local music media website, Music Is My Muse, recently published an article reviewing the official drop of “Find Solace”, featuring a first hand account of the event on January 30.

Along with a brief analysis of opening acts Kings, The Brave, Wildheart and support act Far West Battlefront, the piece goes into detail of Bayharbour’s set, chronicling the strengths of the recent line up change and describing their set as “soul-searing.”

It’s another excellent review for Bayharbour and we encourage all of you check it out right now at http://musicismymuse.com.au/live-review-bayharbours-soul-searing-single-launch/.  Check out the other awesome articles, reviews and interviews on Music Is My Muse, while you’re there.more...

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Solace Unearthed

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Massive thanks to the fine folks at Triple J for taking time to comb the ever expanding lists of Unearthed artists and acknowledging the hard work done by homegrown Australian artists, such as Mannequin Republic’s own Bayharbour.

We were stoked to see that in a recent review published on the Unearthed website, Bayharbour made the list of “11 Songs The Triple J Team Are Loving Right Now” with their hot new single “Find Solace” getting some love.

Special thanks to reviewer Max Quinn, who singled out Bayharbour, saying “This week was a good week for heavy music, and this one’s my pick of the bunch.”

You can hear “Find Solace” by Bayharbour on Unearthed right now, as well as check out the other hot bands that made the top 11, such as Safe Sex, Clea, Smile, Twin Fires, LTC, and Fortunes, by going to https://www.triplejunearthed.com/article/new-reviews-11-songs-triple-j-team-are-loving-right-now.… more...

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