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Secrets In Yesterdaze News

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Music media website Yesterdaze News has released a new review for the third full length album by A Breach Of Silence, Secrets, in a quick and dirty article that gives the skinny on the new project.

In the review written by Michael Baltierra, the latest effort from A Breach Of Silence is praised for its high production values and being an overall polished work with some solid heavy tunes and a few funny quirks.  We think that sums up the band quite well.

If you haven’t read the article yet, you can see it right now by going to https://yesterdazenews.com/2017/04/06/a-breach-of-silence-secrets/.  Our thanks to Michael and Yesterdaze News for putting this piece together and spreading the word on the latest effort by A Breach Of Silence.… more...

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Breached, Protested and Danced

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Many thanks to everyone who came out to party with us when A Breach Of Silence made their return to Brisbane’s top alternative scene club, The Brightside (27 Warner Street) in Fortitude Valley on April 25.

A Breach Of Silence played the official launch show for their new album Secrets at The Brightside in February, this time however they shared to stage with international hardcore heavyweight act Protest The Hero on the Brisbane leg of their recent Australia Tour.  Also on the lineup were thrash party band He Danced Ivy.

It was a massively fun show and we were stoked to have so many of you out jumping around.  Our thanks to the venue, the staff, the bands and the fans for making this night so memorable.  More Mannequin Republic action happening in Brisbane very soon!… more...

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Broken Featured on KNAC

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Major thanks to the folks at KNAC.com for publishing a recent article on the release of “Broken”, the second single and music video from A Breach Of Silence’s new Secrets album.

The piece was written by Larry Petro, and highlights some of the underlying themes of the song, particularly its focus on depression, capturing snippets of an interview with bassist Blair Layt and guitarist Mat Cosgrove, discussing some of the personal influence behind the track.

We here at Mannequin Republic would like to thank Larry Petro and the team at KNAC for putting up the article and hope you will all go have a look at it on their website at http://www.knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=22953.… more...

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Heavy Spotifying

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


For all the locals here in Australia who want to catch a listen of what your hometown heroes are putting out in the heavy music world, or any of our mates from around the world who want a firsthand taste of the Aussie heavy music culture, jump on to Spotify and get into the Homegrown And Heavy Playlist.

Homegrown And Heavy keeps you up to date on the best new metal, hardcore, punk and alternative music coming out in Australia and New Zealand.

We are proud to have had several Mannequin Republic bands make the playlist since its inception and right now you can hear new tunes by Bayharbour and A Breach Of Silence from their new albums.

We know Aussies can out out some brutal tunes and you can hear what’s going on right now on Spotify by heading over to the Homegrown And Heavy Playlist at https://open.spotify.com/user/spotifyaustralia/playlist/32cQ7y36C33Wf9XNiwAySG.… more...

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Blair In The Rockpit

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


A Breach Of Silence bassist and vocalist Blair Layt has been busy running the media circuit as late in order to promote the new Secrets album, which has gained excellent attention from around the heavy music world.

On Australian based music media outlet The Rockpit, Blair sat down again for an interesting and in-depth interview with writer and editor Andrew Massie to discuss the new album’s release and Blair’s experience with the band.

Blair gives his thoughts on how to tour the smart way, comparing the modern music industry with the way it used to be, the devaluation of music, musicians with day jobs, spending Christmas with Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd, singing with Rhys Flannery and A Breach Of Silence’s different, but more realistic approach to creating music.

If you want some interesting insight on the life of a heavy metal musician and some interesting firsthand insight into the … more...

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