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Ten Bands To Look Out For This Year (That Aren’t Our Own)


With so much going on in Brisbane, it’s hard to tell which shows will leave you satisfied and which ones will leave you disappointed.  So, to do our part for the local music scene we have decided to list our top ten local bands that  everyone should go out and see.  Bands that look and sound good and are working damn hard to make your night out worth it.

Here we go, these are the top ten live acts (excluding those under contract with Mannequin Republic) that are sure to blow your mind:

10) Shifting the Paradigm: Not only is this band full of nice guys, they play awesome metal.  Good to watch on stage and pretty damn tight.  Fantastic management behind them as well.  We expect some big things from them this year! Nev’s vocals are insanely good.

9) Gathered Below: The new kids in town; what makes Gathered


From The Desk of Tom Byrnes

What’s To Come?- That’ll Be The Day


So recently I’ve been getting into That’ll Be The Day from Melbourne. If this is what Melbourne can produce in way of hardcore, then what other bands are there to be uncovered in that city? I decided to review their already released EP, “What’s To Come?” And I must say, it impressed me enough to write this. To keep it simple, I’ll do a track by track breakdown (pun intended).

Sail Solitude– It is simply a great way to begin or end an EP or even an LP for that matter. Not enough bands do this. Mostly instrumental, and it shows the depth this band has to possibly make in the future.

The Sty of Our Lives–  It offers the same brutality. To me, it’s not the best track on the EP, and it may lack some sense of direction. I couldn’t get into the song as much … more...


Parkway Drive: Love them or hate them…..


About 50% of my friends love Parkway Drive and the rest hate them. I understand both sides as well.

But love them or hate them, one cannot deny the fact that they’re technically Australia’s biggest band overseas right now. Bigger than Temper Trap? Perhaps. Certainly bigger than Tame Impala. But maybe not as big as Empire of the Sun or Pendulum. But they’re definately on the cusp of something great.

I first saw Parkway Drive many years ago. I think they were supporting I kIlled The Prom Queen. I distinctly remember Prom Queen pretty much getting annihilated. Poor guys. Even with a room half full of shirtless teeanges doing haymakers, I had that feeling that Parkway were going to be pretty big. at the time, they sounded different. They blended punk, metal and hardcore so well. All genres that are major influences for the band.

I also remember the members … more...



LA Guns / JIm Rockfords / JJ Speedball


So where to begin. I rocked up early to see how JJ Speedball would sound. Their Myspace didn’t sound too bad so I guess I was expecting something pretty decent.

What I got was a guy in pimped up sneakers, a bandana, sunglasses, and singing about cruising in his Holden. I’m not sure how the set ended because after 2 songs I was already outside having a smoke.

The Jim Rockfords have always been pretty entertaining and have quite a large fanbase in Brisbane. The band was tight and definately got a few of the punters dancing. It was good to see after seeing the small part of the shambles that was JJ Speedball.

Jim Rockfords certainly didn’t blow me away but I can see where the appeal lies and it’s a winning formula.

So now to the headline act, The LA Guns. After a 10-15 min intro of a … more...


Crash Love – AFI “review”


I’ll pull no punches here. This album is a pretty big disappointment. I’ve broken it down song by song. But before that, I’d like to talk about a few things first. Oh and please remember, this just one fan’s opinion that I am more than entitled to it.

I in no way want to shout “AFI has changed” and cry. Yes, AFI has changed and I completely expected so. They changed when they went to Sing the Sorrow and they changed when they went to Decemberunderground. I welcome change that I like. I don’t welcome change I don’t like.

Many people love this album. Many hate it as well. Of course, once the dust settles, and the fanboys and fangirls have their multiple eargasms, they will likely change their opinion of the album. Too many are jumping to “this is waaaaay better than Sing the Sorrow.” I’m sure the fans … more...