From The Desk of Tom Byrnes


From The Desk of Tom Byrnes

The Manager’s Top Ten Albums of 2014


Hey guys!!
It’s been a while since I’ve addressed our fans out there. Before I write my obligatory Christmas letter to you all I thought it’d be rad to let you know my top ten albums of the year. My own criteria for deciding this was the music that i kept playing throughout the year and I music I simply just enjoyed listening to whatever the mood. I’ve also added some honorable and not so honorable mentions as well.

Top Ten Albums of 2014

  1. Unearth- Watchers of Rule
  2. Kimbra- The Golden Echo
  3. The Contortionist
  4. Code Orange- I Am King
  5. Chet Faker- Built on Glass
  6. Slipknot- .5: The Gray Chapter
  7. Metronomy- Love letters
  8. Architects- Lost Forever // Lost Together
  9. A Breach of Silence- The Darkest Road
  10. Whitechapel- Our Endless War

Honourable Mentions

Taylor Swift- 1989

Fallujah- The Flesh Prevails

The Gaslight Anthem- Get Hurt

The Ghost Inside- Dear Youth

Bayharbour- Reawaken… more...

10 and a Half Questions

Take Ten with Armada In the Dusk


Armada in the Dusk has a massive couple of shows coming up to round off the year: Thursday, December 8 at The Hi Fi Bar (125 Boundary Street, West End) and Saturday, December 10 in Nambour supporting Sienna Skies at the QCWA Hall (10 Short Street, Nambour), courtesy of our good friends, Rikochetz Events.We hit up their drummer, Tristan Coombes, with ten questions about the band.

How did you come up with the name, Armada in the Dusk?

Tristan Coombes: The word armada came from the back of a transformers episode and we ended up liking it, so we worked around it and came up with Armada in the Dusk.

What are your band Influences?

Tristan Coombes: We are really influenced with Motionless in White , Linkin Park  and Still Remains.

What is your favourite venue?

Tristan Coombes: Venue for us depends on the show; if kids are having a … more...

From The Desk of Tom Byrnes

Band Promotion 101


I got asked not long ago what it takes to promote a band. The truth is: not much. With social networking sites taking over our lives, it’s easier than ever to listen to music and to source good bands from bad bands. From a manager’s point of view, it’s been made very easy. The hard part is setting up a show, putting bands on, hoping it will work out and that you recoup your losses. There really isn’t any excuse for promoters, to suck at promotion. But it happens so often.

Obviously, Mannequin Republic is in a great position with a steady of flow of ‘likes’ on Facebook, heaps of followers on Twitter and a cracking website. I’m extremely proud of the website and am constantly surprised at the amount of hits it gets each day.

I used to put on heaps of shows; punk, rock, hardcore, metal, you name … more...


10 and a Half Questions

Take Ten With Gathered Below


Short and to the point, our friends at Gathered Below give us some interesting answers about the fierce competition in the Brisbane music scene, their influences and what pushes them to write music.

What are you looking forward to most about this year?

Gathered Below: Just getting our name out there, trying to get as many shows as possible and playing with heaps more bands.

Why name your band Gathered Below?

Gathered Below: It’s referring to the position of our testicles.  But, really we don’t know the reason behind the name.  It was just a suggestion and we all liked it so we stuck with it.  When we think about it, the name can have various meanings, it’s something different to all of us.

How long have you been a band and where do you see yourselves in the next year or two?

Gathered Below: We’ve been around about 9 … more...

From The Desk of Tom Byrnes

Ten Bands To Look Out For This Year (That Aren’t Our Own)


With so much going on in Brisbane, it’s hard to tell which shows will leave you satisfied and which ones will leave you disappointed.  So, to do our part for the local music scene we have decided to list our top ten local bands that  everyone should go out and see.  Bands that look and sound good and are working damn hard to make your night out worth it.

Here we go, these are the top ten live acts (excluding those under contract with Mannequin Republic) that are sure to blow your mind:

10) Shifting the Paradigm: Not only is this band full of nice guys, they play awesome metal.  Good to watch on stage and pretty damn tight.  Fantastic management behind them as well.  We expect some big things from them this year! Nev’s vocals are insanely good.

9) Gathered Below: The new kids in town; what makes Gathered