10 and a Half Questions


10 and a Half Questions

Ten questions with Neglections- competition winners


Recently we ran a competition where we got a bunch of bands to get their fans to vote for them. In return we would give them a  little bit of promotion on our website! Negelections from Coffs Harbour won and we’re really pleased to be doing a bit of work with them! We had a chat to  the band and got the lowdown!

1) How did you guys come up with the name? It’s kind of embarrassing. I think initially we did it to make fun of people who hate home life because their parents make them wash the dishes; it was kind of a long running joke. We’ve thought about changing it to something else, but it’s kind of grown on us now.

2) What are some big influences for the band? Our biggest influence is probably Ceremony and Trash Talk. But everyone takes their influences from different places. … more...

10 and a Half Questions

Take Ten with Belle Haven


Our boys Save The Clocktower are touring in September with some good friends of ours from Victoria, Belle Haven. The Human Condition Tour starts in exactly one week so we thought we’d get the lowdown from Mitch about what Belle Haven is all about!

1) Why the name guys?

We were reading though some murder mystery books looking for some cool words we could use as a band name because at the time our current name “Facing Fake Help” was just not cutting it anymore. We came across the murder of Martha Moxley, a 15yo girl who had been murdered the night before Halloween 1975 in her home community of Belle Haven (USA). All evidence pointed to one of the wealthiest families of the east coast, who managed to evade all punishment for 22 years till Michael Skakel was found guilty. It is well believed that the authorities knew who … more...

10 and a Half Questions

Take Ten with Armada In the Dusk


Armada in the Dusk has a massive couple of shows coming up to round off the year: Thursday, December 8 at The Hi Fi Bar (125 Boundary Street, West End) and Saturday, December 10 in Nambour supporting Sienna Skies at the QCWA Hall (10 Short Street, Nambour), courtesy of our good friends, Rikochetz Events.We hit up their drummer, Tristan Coombes, with ten questions about the band.

How did you come up with the name, Armada in the Dusk?

Tristan Coombes: The word armada came from the back of a transformers episode and we ended up liking it, so we worked around it and came up with Armada in the Dusk.

What are your band Influences?

Tristan Coombes: We are really influenced with Motionless in White , Linkin Park  and Still Remains.

What is your favourite venue?

Tristan Coombes: Venue for us depends on the show; if kids are having a … more...


10 and a Half Questions

Take Ten With Gathered Below


Short and to the point, our friends at Gathered Below give us some interesting answers about the fierce competition in the Brisbane music scene, their influences and what pushes them to write music.

What are you looking forward to most about this year?

Gathered Below: Just getting our name out there, trying to get as many shows as possible and playing with heaps more bands.

Why name your band Gathered Below?

Gathered Below: It’s referring to the position of our testicles.  But, really we don’t know the reason behind the name.  It was just a suggestion and we all liked it so we stuck with it.  When we think about it, the name can have various meanings, it’s something different to all of us.

How long have you been a band and where do you see yourselves in the next year or two?

Gathered Below: We’ve been around about 9 … more...

10 and a Half Questions

Take Ten with The Pit FM


Mannequin Republic decided to see what’s involved with starting up a radio station.  Who better to ask than The Pit FM from Perth, Western Australia?  The radio station is only a few weeks away from it’s massive launch and they have got support from right across Australia and overseas as well.  We asked Trev Mcdonnell from The PitFM to take ten.

What was the idea behind starting The Pit FM?

Trev Mcdonnell: Man, that is actually the question I get asked most.  A year ago I was working a job where I was allowed to listen to my mp3 player all day.  One day I had one of those, fuck it lets see what’s on the radio moments.  Basically, I couldn’t find anything I liked.  So, out of frustration I posted on Facebook “why isn’t there a radio station that plays punk, metal and hardcore?”  Someone commented back “Do … more...