The Intern’s Top Ten 2014


The Intern’s Top 10

What’s up folks? The boss has requested that I share my top 10 releases of 2014 with the world. It’s not often a measly intern like me is given freedom to write whatever they want, so here goes nothing!

10. The Word Alive – Real
Never really gave this band much attention until their drummer Luke Holland joined. The kid is a rising star from YouTube, and definitely makes his mark on this record. The Word Alive prove with this album that they are a band worth noticing, with catchy hooks throughout the album and tough breakdowns and complex guitar work keeping things interesting. Vocalist Tyler Smith is a machine, with a powerful scream, incredible singing voice, and even sing-scream abilities that he demonstrates on ‘Terminal’. With 14 tracks, the album is a little long and does start to drag after a few listens, however … more...