Rock The Reef

trinatyde rock the reef festival hotel metropole ipswich saturday november 14 2015 marine wild life sea life consrvation charity event live metal rock hardcore alternative music bands

Hotel Metropole

Date: 2015/11/14

Address: 253 Brisbane Street, Ipswich (QLD)

Featuring Dirty F Holes, Speedball (NSW), Plan Of Attack, Secondhand Toothbrush, Antichrists Anonymous, Trinatyde, The Black Catapult, Kold Creature, Monster Fodder, Baron Samedi, Drayed And The Fallen, Boho Mofos, Pyre And Ice, Somnio, Elusive (VIC), Scattered 101, Versus Fate, The Rared, Audsox, Eternalist, Born Obsolete, Sang Froid, Former Angels, Vicegrip, Pepper Jane, Mitchells Fold, United Vibes, Tiger Street, Lachy Lyne, Bamford Cook, Tim Edwards, Fire And Whistle Theory, Mystic Crystal Witches, Shane Fell and Noah Murphy

Doors open at 3:00 pm

$13.30 a ticket (through Oztix)

18+ only (ID required)

Presented by Def Nev

Trinatyde take part in a stacked line up for a great cause as 35 rock, metal and alternative music acts get together in Ipswich to support the Australian Marine Conservation Society as they gather funds to support the reef and the multitude of beautiful sea life that surrounds it.  Whether you’re keen to be green or just ready to chuck a mosh, come join the event at their special Saturday afternoon start time.  See more on Facebook.

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