Can Cer Vive Fest

ghosts on broadway and 14 other metal hardcore alternative rock punk bands play loud heavy rock music for cancer charity gouldburn new south wales

Goulburn PCYC

Date: 2013/04/06

Address: Corner of Avoca Street and Derwent Street, Goulburn (NSW)

Featuring Ghosts On Broadway, Reicner, London In Terror, Remnants, Past Is Practice, Beware The Sandwolves, Cast To Stone, To The Grave, City Lit Skies, Cephalopod, Set The Wolves, Come Forth, Flaming Wreckage, Blind Inside and Winter Wolves

Doors open at 11:00 am

$15 a ticket

All ages!

Presented by Milestone Bookings and Can Assist

Fanatics in New South Wales, come out and mosh against cancer with 15 of the loudest, heaviest hardcore, metal and alternative rock bands.  It kicks off bright and early at 11:00 am, so be prepared to spend the whole Saturday with your mates at this awesome local festival for a good cause.

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