A Breach Of Silence


A Breach Of Silence is a five piece hardcore metal band in Brisbane, Queensland.  The band has been rapidly gaining success since their formation in 2010 and through hard work, innovative tweaks in their music and entertaining presentation, they have carved out a special place in the Australian music scene.

Members of the band, Mat “Cossie” Cosgrove (guitar), Blair Layt (bass), Kerrod Dablestein (guitar), Rhys Flannery (vocals) and Daniel “Trickey” Trickett (drums) were called together from across Queensland to put their own spin on the modern metal sound.  Their list of influences include All That Remains, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Devil Driver and Machine Head.

A Breach Of Silence have toured relentlessly across the USA, Australia and New Zealand, performing with Drowning Pool on their Unlucky 13 Tour, The Amity Affliction, Born of Osiris, Upon a Burning Body and I The Breather.  They were recently featured on festivals like Dead Of Winter and TerrorBound as well as co-headlining a national tour with Feed Her To The Sharks.

They have two critically acclaimed full length albums to their credit, both crafted under the guidance industry gurus Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd.  Dead Or Alive (2011) and The Darkest Road (2014) both spawned multiple singles, music clips and international recognition after fans and critics took notice of their genre-challenging “powercore” sound.

The music video for “The Darkest Road” has been featured on Channel [V] and broken the 200,000 views mark, with the follow up video for “Vultures” quickly earning over 100,000 views.  The Darkest Road was widely touted as “album of the year” on many media sources and was even celebrated with its own craft beer, T.P.N.E.

Tracks “There Will Be Blood” won the 2012 Heavy Song Of The Year Award from QMusic, with the follow up album’s “This Is The End” nominated for the same award in 2014.  Songs from both albums are routinely heard on domestic, international, local and online radio stations such as SiriusXM in America and Triple J in Australia.

A Breach Of Silence is currently distributed by Eclipse Records and are being booked by Lafayette Agency in the USA.  Their amazing fan support stretches all around the world and with every project, from music videos to live stage performances, you know that A Breach Of Silence will give you their all.

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Lined Up Gigs

  1. At McGuires Hotel 2017/04/22 more...
  • At Flamingo's On Quay 2017/04/21 more...
  • At Rad Bar 2017/04/16 more...
  • At Born2Rock Studios 2017/04/15 more...
  • At Bald Faced Stag 2017/04/14 more...


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