Heavy Spotifying


For all the locals here in Australia who want to catch a listen of what your hometown heroes are putting out in the heavy music world, or any of our mates from around the world who want a firsthand taste of the Aussie heavy music culture, jump on to Spotify and get into the Homegrown And Heavy Playlist.

Homegrown And Heavy keeps you up to date on the best new metal, hardcore, punk and alternative music coming out in Australia and New Zealand.

We are proud to have had several Mannequin Republic bands make the playlist since its inception and right now you can hear new tunes by Bayharbour and A Breach Of Silence from their new albums.

We know Aussies can out out some brutal tunes and you can hear what’s going on right now on Spotify by heading over to the Homegrown And Heavy Playlist at https://open.spotify.com/user/spotifyaustralia/playlist/32cQ7y36C33Wf9XNiwAySG.

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