Blair In The Rockpit


A Breach Of Silence bassist and vocalist Blair Layt has been busy running the media circuit as late in order to promote the new Secrets album, which has gained excellent attention from around the heavy music world.

On Australian based music media outlet The Rockpit, Blair sat down again for an interesting and in-depth interview with writer and editor Andrew Massie to discuss the new album’s release and Blair’s experience with the band.

Blair gives his thoughts on how to tour the smart way, comparing the modern music industry with the way it used to be, the devaluation of music, musicians with day jobs, spending Christmas with Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd, singing with Rhys Flannery and A Breach Of Silence’s different, but more realistic approach to creating music.

If you want some interesting insight on the life of a heavy metal musician and some interesting firsthand insight into the music industry, we strongly suggest you see Blair’s interview on The Rockpit right now by going to

Our sincere thanks to Andrew Massie for conducting the interview and the team at The Rockpit in Perth for publishing it.  It’s well worth a read.

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