Bro-Metal Shares Secrets


Ultimate metal fan blog Bro-Metal has been pumping out personal reviews on new heavy acts for years and they are long time fans of A Breach Of Silence.  We here at Mannequin Republic weren’t surprised to see their new album Secrets rated so highly, but this review makes some big predictions for the future of the band that we’d encourage all of you to check out today.

The article calls A Breach Of Silence “a band on their way to being the next big name in metal” and labelling the tracks “Falling Away” and “Secrets” as “festival ready.”  Scoring the album a massive 9.5/10 with a few other positive insights, the folks at Bro-Metal definitely dig Secrets.

If you want to read a quick review of a hot new album from some genuine metal enthusiasts, we hope you’ll head over to the Bro-Metal blog right now at and give this review a read.

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