Blair Returns To Fearcast


One of the best places to hear genuine interviews in the emerging music scene in Canadian based podcast Fearcast and recently A Breach Of Silence bassist and vocalist Blair Layt made his return to the program with another epic hour long interview.

Show host Fear Innes and Blair had a good long chat about heaps of crazy topics, as well as excellent insight into the new album Secrets and A Breach Of Silence in general.

Blair takes us into the writing process and inspiration behind much of the new A Breach Of Silence album, being stubborn when writing, covering the Weeknd and how to judge success as a band.

A good portion of the show is spent ripping on Canadians, Australians, Americans and New Zealanders, plus Dire Straits stories, Canadian hockey memes and bears hiding under toilet seats.

If you’re a fan of Blair, A Breach Of Silence or fun in general, you won’t want to miss this one.  Hear it for yourself right now by going to and stream it for free.

Our thanks to everyone involved in Fearcast and Eclipse Records for setting this up and letting the magic happen.

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