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Secrets, the third full length album by A Breach Of Silence, was released to the world towards the end of February in 2017 and has turned heads across the music industry and the buzz for the band has become apparent in many respected music carts.

On the first week of release, Secrets made an impact on the iTunes music charts, debuting at the number 2 slot in the metal category, charting just under Born Of Osiris and over metal heavyweights like Suicide Silence, Metallica and I Prevail.

The album also hit the number 39 spot on the worldwide iTunes music charts for the same week of February.

Our thanks to all the A Breach Of Silence faithful out there who pre-ordered the new album and went out and purchased it on the first day.  We’re very proud of the success the band has achieved with this project and we hope you’ll continue to spread the word about Secrets as A Breach Of Silence continue to plot new opportunities to bring their music to you in the future.

You can download the album on iTunes right now by going to

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