Hysteria Over Secrets


Hysteria Magazine is one of the top names in heavy music publications here in Australia and their reviews can often influence large waves of fans to get behind a new project or not.

That’s why we here at Mannequin Republic were stoked to see Hysteria Magazine give A Breach Of Silence’s new album Secrets and rave review.  Author Michelle O’Rance took the new disc to task, proclaiming “overall, from the thirteen tracks on the album, there isn’t a bad one among them.“

The review calls the new approach by A Breach Of Silence more melodic with a new focus on vocals, while at the same time complimenting the writing efforts of the guitarists.  The overall message being the the band has kept the pieces that worked well in the past, such as the production by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd while the band has successfully crawled into new territory to evolve their sound.

It is an excellently written review and we sincerely thank Michelle for writing it and the editing team at Hysteria Magazine for publishing it.  You can see the full article for yourself right now by going to http://www.hysteriamag.com/breach-silence-secrets/.

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