Bayharbour Guitarist Parts


Recently announced quietly through the band’s social media page, original guitarist Marcus Parente and Bayharbour have parted ways for the time being.

Bayharbour reassures their fans that there is no ill will between Marcus and the band and that Marcus will always have a special place among the lore of Bayharbour.  Marcus has decided to work full time with his own music project in The Comfort and direct his energy into crafting his own musical direction.

Marcus played his last live show with the band on the January 14 album launch show at The Brightside to promote the new Time Lapse album, which he was featured on.

Along with Bayharbour, we here at Mannequin Republic wish Marcus nothing but success for his future goals and greatly look forward to hearing what comes out of his new projects.

In the meantime, make sure you check out the latest news on Bayharbour as their new album continues to build momentum and launch the band further towards the top of the heavy music scene.

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