AAA For Time Lapse


The debut full length album from Bayharbour, Time Lapse, has been making waves in the underground heavy music scene and expanding the band’s fanbase like never before.

In a recent review published by AAA Backstage, writer Daniel Devitt explores the album in depth to give you a better idea of why Bayharbour is taking over the hardcore music world, giving the project a massive 4.5 out of 5 score.

The article goes over the album track by track, commenting on techniques used as well as the themes and emotions each song portrays.  It is an excellent, in depth look at what many are still calling the best new hardcore album on the market.

We strongly encourage all of you to check out this piece published by AAA Backstage by going to and learning more about what makes Time Lapse tick.

Our thanks to Daniel Devitt and AAA Backstage for the attention to detail when putting together this excellent review.

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