Falling Into Voltage


Longstanding independent heavy music resource, Voltage Media, has been gearing up for the upcoming release of A Breach Of Silence’s third full length album, Secrets, available on February 24.  They recently reviewed the controversial first single from the album, “Falling Away” in an article published on their website.

In the piece for Voltage Media, the topic of the value gap is covered again and explained along with quotes from the band released through their social media networks, along with links to where the new album can be purchased and the new music video released along with the premier of “Falling Away.”

You can read the article for yourself by heading to http://www.voltagemedia.com.au/2016/11/24/a-breach-of-silence-premiere-falling-away-music-video/.  Make sure you give “Falling Away” a listen and see what has been stirring up the music industry and hardcore metal fanbase since the end of last year.

Our many thanks to the editorial staff at Voltage Media for continuing to cover the new music and activities of our stellar acts here at Mannequin Republic.

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