Bayharbour Reaches New-Transcendence


One of the first full reviews for Bayharbour’s debut album, Time Lapse, comes from a piece published on New-Transcendence, a website full of reviews and interviews of hardcore, rock and metal acts.

In a review published at the end of November, writer Connor Welsh put together a well thought out and constructive look at Bayharbour’s brand new project.  The review praises this effort by Bayharbour and applauds Time Lapse as being worthy of multiple listens.

Going into detail on how Bayharbour’s sound works together musically, with the tight hold between the drums and bass allowing the guitars to flow and the well noted blend of vocal styles, the article also gives a thumbs up to the song themes and lyrical content.

If you are looking for something different, the writer of this review encourages you to give the new Bayharbour album a listen, claiming “…Time Lapse is difficult to describe in reference to another band’s sound—because Bayharbour have surely forged their own.”

We here at Mannequin Republic thank New-Transcendence for publishing their review and for Connor Welsh for taking the time to write it.  We encourage all of you to read it for yourself right now at

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