Falling In To Hysteria


Highly respected heavy music magazine, Hysteria, has followed up on the buzz created by A Breach Of Silence after releasing the first single off of their yet to be released album Secrets.

Featuring a new twist to the A Breach Of Silence sound, gaining the title of “metal-crossover-core legends”, the “Falling Away” has also turned heads due to its subject matter, as A Breach Of Silence take aim at the music value gap created by ad-based streaming services.

The review has extended quotes from members of the band on why they think this subject was important enough to tackle in their new music video, directed by Matt Donaldson.

The article can be seen right now on the Hysteria Magazine website by going to http://www.hysteriamag.com/breach-silence-take-aim-music-value-gap-new-video/.

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