Breach In Video Game


When you’re in the music industry, you never know where opportunities will come from or what projects you’ll be asked to be a part of.  That is why it is no shock to us here at Mannequin Republic to see our very own A Breach Of Silence featured in a new video game.

The game is titled “Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods” and is available on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.  The game takes you through missions as a metal god on a journey to destroy the bosses of different metal genres in a rogue-like shooter.

The game focuses on metal, guitars and heavy music, with multiplayer features and an excellent soundtrack, which includes “The Darkest Road” by A Breach Of Silence as one of the many awesome tunes in the game.

For fans of metal, A Breach Of Silence and computer games, we encourage you to check it out right now at

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