AAA Dissects Life


AAA Backstage has built high a reputation for itself based on its detailed and original content, having interviewed and reviewed some of the hottest bands to come across the Australian music scene.

Recently those talents have been applied to the latest single by Bayharbour, “Life In The Clouds” which dropped last November.  Writer Jack Dooner painstakingly dissects the single, going into aspects of the music construction and lyrical content alike.
Commenting on the use of contrasting vocals between Nat Patterson and Jay Sibthrope, the intricacies of the guitar riffs and the dynamics created by the drums, this critique highlights just how much thought and hard work went into this new project by Bayharbour.

The article also features the new video for “Life In The Clouds” and a short synopsis of the clip itself.  You can read the piece in full on AAA Backstage by going to their website at

Our thanks here at Mannequin Republic to Jack Dooner and the editorial staff at AAA Backstage for taking the time to review “Life In The Clouds.”

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