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The official announcement for A Breach Of Silence’s third full length album, Secrets, only fueled more fan speculation and a thirst for more news on what is being touted as the band’s most sophisticated effort to date.

In the aftermath of the official press release from Eclipse Records, more details regarding the album have come out, including a complete track list and three anticipated singles.

Secrets will contain 13 tracks, as follows:
1. Falling Away
2. Ride or Die
3. Undefeated
4. Secrets
5. Nightcrawler
6. Fair Weather Friends
7. Buzz Killington
8. The Revelator
9. A Better Place
10. Broken
11. Shameless (by The Weeknd)
12. Dethroned
13. Sugar and Spice

The first single is heavily rumoured to be the first track off the album, “Falling Away” with “Secrets” and “Nightcrawler” expected to be the follow up singles. The full playtime of the project is registered at 44:14.

In an interview with guitarist Mat Cosgrove, it appears three music videos for the album are currently in production for the three singles off the initial list, with “Falling Away” expected to premier in the very near future.

You can read more for yourself on the Eclipse Records website by going to and checking out the details.

Pre-orders are also available right now for Secrets on iTunes at and Amazon at

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