Blair’s Secret


A Breach Of Silence have officially announced their new album, Secrets, will be available in early 2017, through their official press release put out by Eclipse Records.  As an introduction to the album, the band has decided to lift back the curtain and tell some of their own secrets in a series of promo videos.

This time, Blair Layt, bassist and falsetto vocalist, has decided to reveal a piece of his life he has kept hidden from the public.  Check out Blair as he dons the mask and takes his passion for superheroes to the streets.

The video also features some highlights from the sounds of the album, with pieces of one of their brand new tracks being played during the clip.

You can see the full 35 second video on the band’s official Facebook page right now by going to  Make sure you like and follow for the latest details on Secrets, the third full length album from A Breach Of Silence.

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