AAA Gaze At Bayharbour


Mannequin Republic would like to thank the amazing folks over at AAA Backstage for their continuing to coverage of the Aussie hardcore music scene and their recognition of many of the bands on our roster, most notably our very own Bayharbour, who have been turning the media upside down with the release of their latest single “Stargazing.”

Columnist Sarah Lispet put together a nice look at “Stargazing”, noting that Bayharbour’s several month absence from the live music scene was sorely missed and they have redeemed themselves with this latest release.

Calling the single a “gem of a tune”, and detailing the intricacies of this fresh, more evolved sound by Bayharbour, the article praises the new tune and hypes it as a sign of good things to come with rumours of more original music coming from the band very soon.

We strongly encourage all of you to check out AAA Backstage and the fine work they do by reading the “Stargazing” review for yourself over at

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