Probably Digital Ritual


One of the more respected, yet controversial media outlets in Australia is I Probably Hate Your Band, whose blunt and often insulting reviews leave readers laughing and fuming at the same time.

I Probably Hate Your Band recently published a quick review on the latest release from As Paradise Falls, “Digital Ritual” and the accompanying video produced by Third Eye Visuals.

The focal point of the article quickly slides to the mystery man stepping into the role of vocalist for As Paradise Falls asking “literally who?”  Fuelling more speculation behind the recent changes made to the band’s line-up.

As always, I Probably Hate Your Band put out a quality product, which we strongly encourage all of you to check out right now at

Massive thanks to Chris Giacca and the other fine folks running things at I Probably Hate Your Band for their hard work covering the Aussie music scene.

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