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Metal Wani Reviews Breach

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


The reviews continue to pile in for one of the bigger named acts of the year, which was the performance put on by Drowning Pool at Max Watts in Brisbane on July 28, featuring She Cries Wolf and our very own A Breach Of Silence.

The folks over at online media source Metal Wani published a very detailed look at the event as seen through the eyes of writer Jake Patton, who went into great detail examining the show and bands on stage.

As always, we’re stoked to have nothing but rave reviews for A Breach Of Silence, whose set was called “incredible to watch” and having “this electricity about their performance and stage presence that drew you in like a magnet.”

The article is well worth a read if you want more insight on what these bands were like to see live.  Also included are some great pictures by … more...

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Trinatyde Triffid Snaps

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


At one of the better mixed-genre and metal fusion events of the year so far, our very own Trinatyde made waves, as usual, with their heavy riffs and hardcore sound, when the boys played The Triffid on July 8 in Brisbane’s Newstead area.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, be grateful that premier photographer Silvia Madis was on hand to get some great shots of the bands on stage, so you can live vicariously through her work.

Check out her thread on Facebook where you can see great shots of DJ Direct, Smoking Martha and Trinatyde by going to

It was an awesome night of music and fun at The Triffid and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.  Major thanks to the folks running the venue and the behind the scenes stuff as well as Silvia Madis for the excellent photos.… more...

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Digital Ritual Makes Heavy

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


As the buzz continues to spread around As Paradise Fall’s latest effort, more and more media outlets are picking up on the bizarre instrumental track the band decided to release as their first cut from their upcoming recording project.

One of the first to pick up on the story, however, was long standing titan in the world of metal, hardcore and punk, Heavy Mag, who released a short article along with the clip for “Digital Ritual” on their online platform early in July.

As always, we here at Mannequin Republic would like to say “cheers” to all the hardworking folks taking care of business at Heavy Mag and for covering the release of “Digital Ritual” by As Paradise Falls.

We strongly encourage all of you to check it out for yourselves right now by going to… more...

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Free Ride On The Tyde

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Mannequin Republic was proud to be part of several big shows in Brisbane this July, including the event at The Triffid in Newstead where our very own Trinatyde rocked the house down with Areal, Laceration Mantra, Smoking Martha and Direct.

Leading up to this epic event, Trinatyde held a little competition on their official Facebook page to give away two free passes to the show.  On behalf of the band we would like to congratulate Angela Biddle, whose enthusiasm for Trinatyde earned her two door spots and a sexy Trinatyde t-shirt.

If you’re a fan of good metal and you’re not following Trinatyde on Facebook, make sure you do it right now by going to and hitting the “like” button.  Loads of interesting things coming out of the Trinatyde camp in the near future.

Make sure you also make room on your schedule for the massive Metal United Down … more...

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Probably Digital Ritual

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


One of the more respected, yet controversial media outlets in Australia is I Probably Hate Your Band, whose blunt and often insulting reviews leave readers laughing and fuming at the same time.

I Probably Hate Your Band recently published a quick review on the latest release from As Paradise Falls, “Digital Ritual” and the accompanying video produced by Third Eye Visuals.

The focal point of the article quickly slides to the mystery man stepping into the role of vocalist for As Paradise Falls asking “literally who?”  Fuelling more speculation behind the recent changes made to the band’s line-up.

As always, I Probably Hate Your Band put out a quality product, which we strongly encourage all of you to check out right now at

Massive thanks to Chris Giacca and the other fine folks running things at I Probably Hate Your Band for their hard work covering the Aussie … more...

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