JJ Interviews Bayharbour


During the end of their epic tour with American hardcore heavyweights I Set My Friends On Fire, the boys in Bayharbour took a few minutes to shout out to their fans on the online interview channel JJ Interviews.

A fun little interview with a surprise walk on, walk off appearance at the start by I Set My Friends On Fire guitarist Nathan Blasdell.  Hear what Nat, Jay, Marcus, Ryan and eventually Tom have to say on topics from their favourite albums of all time, thinking about the future, thoughts on the band and zombie attacks.

You can see the full interview right now on YouTube by going to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLYYHLrFmpU and checking it out.

Massive thanks to the fine folks at JJ Interviews, Kimberley de Jager, Paige Boag and Fern Carmichael.  They’ve done heaps of great interviews with some of the hottest names in the hardcore music scene.  Make sure you check them out on Facebook by going to https://www.facebook.com/JJinterivews/.

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