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Rumblings that A Breach Of Silence are releasing their third full length album are already starting to pick up the attention of the media, including a recently conducted interview with rising music-scene reporter Essentially Pop.

Essentially Pop took time to corner A Breach Of Silence bass player Blair Layt and got some excellent insight on the band’s new recording project, with loads of details on the actual recording process, the use of multiple studios, their relationship with Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd and the importance of checking your ego at the door when going into the studio.

Blair also revealed the potential name for the new album, what it was like to play with Sevendust, the band’s plans for a return tour of America, plus insight on brewing beer and drinking rum.

The folks at Essentially Pop have done a fantastic job conducting this interview, which is available both in audio format and an excellent written transcription.  You can check out both of them by going to  It’s well worth it!

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