AAA Talk To Bayharbour


This year’s El Grande Fest in Brisbane and Gladstone was largely hailed as one of the best local festivals of the summer and will certainly be a top contender for event of the year.

Mannequin Republic was stoked to have our very own Bayharbour as part of the lineup for both shows and for the coverage they received in the reviews for El Grande.  One of the more entertaining media appearances the band made was recently released through AAA Backstage.

The excellent production team from AAA Backstage sat down with vocalist Jay Sibthorpe and bassist Ryan Oxford to go over some of the most pressing issues of the day, including spirit animals, wizard powers, terrible Christmas gifts and party tricks.

They also throw guitarist Marcus Parente under the bus as the laziest member of Bayharbour.  Catch this quick, but fun, interview on the AAA Backstage YouTube channel right now by going to

Catch plenty more from our boys in Bayharbour coming up in the very near future on

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