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More love from the awesome underground media activists in the states for showing their love for A Breach Of Silence once again, as bassist and vocalist Blair Layt made his return to Wicked Chick Radio.

This time Blair was part of a new platform hosted by Wicked Liz and author Michael Aronovitz called “Wikkid Goblet Of Horror”, which focuses on heavy music genres and horror themed literature and film.

You can hear the full, hour long broadcast right now by going to https://www.mixcloud.com/WikkedChikRadio247/wcr247-wikked-goblet-of-horror-a-breach-of-silence-interview-with-blair-layt/.

The show featured two tracks from The Darkest Road album, “Vultures” and “The Darkest Road.”  Both tracks were analysed and dissected by the hosts before going into a long format interview with Blair himself.

The interview covered topics like the band’s song writing formula, Robert Frost poetry, working with guitarist Matt Cosgrove and producer Fredrik Nordstrom, horror movie soundtracks, supernatural experiences, mainstream entertainment, dance music, playing with Sevendust, Eclipse records and even folding laundry.  Blair also gave some sneaky insight on A Breach Of Silence’s upcoming third album.

Major thanks to everyone involved in putting this broadcast together and we encourage all of you to check it out right now!

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