Friends For Life


Mannequin Republic would like to take a moment to wrap up the incredible Australia wide tour featuring I Set My Friends On Fire, our very own Bayharbour and Awaken I Am.

We were stoked to have Bayharbour included on this awesome journey across the country, which included a few laughs, a few off-the-wall gigs and some new mates that we would party with any day of the week.

Massive thanks to Nate, Matt, Josh, Joe and Chris from I Set My Friends On Fire for being genuinely cool dudes and loads of fun to tour with.  Of course our mates at Awaken I Am and the fine folks at SVNTH Touring for including us on this trip.

The tour covered multiple shows in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, plus stops in Newcastle, Canberra and Sydney.  Thanks go our to the many venues who hosted us and the crazy, crazy hardcore music fans that came out to party.  We hope to see our mates in I Set My Friends On Fire again very soon.

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