El Grande Bayharbour Review


El Grande has been earning a reputation as the local punter’s favourite mini-festival since the first event rolled out in 2010.  This year, has taken the event a step further in everyone’s hearts with great line ups at two different venues, both featuring Mannequin Republic’s own Bayharbour.

The media attention has grown as well, with several excellent reviews being published, including a nice in-depth review on the AAA Backstage website.  Writer Jacob Hastings puts together notes of his first hand account of the event, reviewing six of the eleven bands on stage, with Bayharbour getting top marks for their performance.

Bayharbour took out honours for most “mosh-worthy” band of the night, along with praise for vocalist Jay Sibthorpe’s performance and, as expected, fan interaction was through the roof. 

You can check out the full article at AAA Backstage, by going to http://aaabackstage.com/live-review-el-grande-new-globe-theatre-brisbane/.  You can also see a handful of some of the excellent photos taken by Richard Berry at the event.

Our thanks again to Pricewar Music for putting on this killer show, the New Globe Theatre for hosting the event and AAA Backstage for publishing great content on the Brisbane underground music scene.

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