Behind Tricky At Sevendust


One of the biggest shows so far of 2016 for A Breach Of Silence has been unquestionably their featured support slot for American heavyweights Sevendust when the band stopped in at Eatons Hill Hotel on March 17 as part of their Australia wide tour.

As fans and critics continue to praise the event, we here at Mannequin Republic wanted to give you heavy music enthusiasts something different to sink your teeth into.  Thankfully, drummer extraordinaire Daniel “Tricky” Trickett has you covered with a special video he made during the event.

Tricky has published a sneaky drum cam video he published on his official YouTube channel, featuring a continuous live shot of the man himself playing two cuts from their last album “The Darkest Road” and “Lost At Sea.”

You can get the full blown, in your face, drummer experience right now by going to and seeing what Tricky has in store for you.  Make sure you like, comment and share.  So much more coming your way from A Breach Of Silence very soon!

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