Aronovitz Reviews Silence


A Breach Of Silence continue to make their presence know, not just in the underground music scene, but more increasingly in cross-cultural and sub-culture platforms.  Through their unique sound and classic metal themes, the band has bridged the gap between medias with the release of their last album, The Darkest Road.

The culmination of this has lead up to one of the band’s most interesting reviews, not by a member of the heavy music press, but by acclaimed fiction writer, horror novelist and metal enthusiast Michael Aronovitz.

In the fashion of a true writer, Aronovitz made a painstaking analysis on A Breach Of Silence as a band, not strictly to their musicianship, but to their thematic content and storytelling ability.

The review was overwhelmingly positive, praising each member of the band for their individual talent, but also commenting on how A Breach Of Silence represents us all, as human beings, with all the joys and sorrows that come with it.

We here at Mannequin Republic would like to thank Michael Aronovitz for taking the time to write about A Breach Of Silence and we strongly encourage all of you to check out the piece he wrote on the Thorn And Cross blog right now by going to

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