Pieces Falling Into Place


News and rumours continue to bubble to the surface regarding the long awaited new recording project by Mannequin Republic’s own As Paradise Falls as the band is cited giving reassurances and updates through their social media accounts.

The unfortunate and unforeseen loss of guitarist Glen Barrie, understandably, put a halt on several aspects of the heavily anticipated album, but As Paradise Falls continues to overcome the obstacles to bring you the music that the band, with Glen, worked so hard on over the last year.

Some of the new material has already been heard at live performances in Brisbane featuring As Paradise Falls, but audio demos from Karma Studios in Thailand, where the band travelled to record the album, have not yet surfaced.

The band has made promises to release more information about the music and the album in the near future and, like the rest of the heavy music scene in Australia, we here at Mannequin Republic eagerly await the details.

Keep checking back with mannequinrepublic.com.au for more information on As Paradise Falls as it becomes available.

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