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Maximum Dust

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Heavy music fans in Brisbane were treated to an awesome appearance by American heavyweight rock outfit Sevendust at the Eaton’s Hill Hotel on March 17, featuring Mannequin Republic’s own A Breach Of Silence in the feature support slot.

If you weren’t able to get tickets to this sold out show, you missed one of the most rockin’ events of early 2016.  Fortunately, there’s been plenty of press covering this event, so you can get the details first hand from sources like the Maximum Volume website.

Goto and read the full review of the Sevendust show as seen through the eyes of Simon Hempenstall, who wrote the article.  There are also some great photos by Gethin Hill, featuring Sevendust, A Breach Of Silence and Triamera.  Check it out today!more...

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El Grande In El Bag

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In what many are calling the “mini-fest of the year”, the double shot El Grande event in early March was certainly one for the record books and one of the most well received events of early 2016.

We here at Mannequin Republic were stoked to have our very own Bayharbour in the featured support slot of both El Grande events over that weekend in a national line up of high quality bands critics across Queensland have been raving about.

Special thanks to the fine people working the counters at The New Globe Theatre in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley on March 11, where Bayharbour shared the stage with Alithia, OPIA, Greenthief, Arkive, Balloons Kill Babies, MofoIsDead, Colibrium, Magenta Voyeur, Kodiak Empire and Red In Tooth.

Another big thank you to the Grand Hotel for hosting the event when El Grande landed in Gladstone, for another stacked show the next night on March more...

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Pieces Falling Into Place

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News and rumours continue to bubble to the surface regarding the long awaited new recording project by Mannequin Republic’s own As Paradise Falls as the band is cited giving reassurances and updates through their social media accounts.

The unfortunate and unforeseen loss of guitarist Glen Barrie, understandably, put a halt on several aspects of the heavily anticipated album, but As Paradise Falls continues to overcome the obstacles to bring you the music that the band, with Glen, worked so hard on over the last year.

Some of the new material has already been heard at live performances in Brisbane featuring As Paradise Falls, but audio demos from Karma Studios in Thailand, where the band travelled to record the album, have not yet surfaced.

The band has made promises to release more information about the music and the album in the near future and, like the rest of the heavy music more...

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Thanks For The Fusion

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On behalf of the band, Mannequin Republic would like to extend a special thank you to all the awesome folks who made this year’s Metal Fusion event such an incredible experience.

Down Royale were stoked to be invited and play for a truly enthusiastic crowd of heavy music lovers at Club 54 in Launceston Tasmania on February 13.  They were able to play alongside some true legends and rising stars in the Tassie music scene, including Psycroptic, Whoretopsy, Graves, Hollow World, Zeolite, Taberah, The Hazard Circular, Shark Puncher, Timmyhasheart, The Absolution Sequence and Plague Of Sickness.

Shout out to Club 54 for supplying the venue, Lucas Tolputt Promotions and Vanguard Touring for enlisting the excellent talent, Luke Graham for the killer photos and of course all you fanatics who came out to party with us and make the trip that much more special.

We hope to have plenty more Mannequin more...

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Unearthed Plays Bayharbour

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Mannequin Republic would like to thank the hardworking broadcasters and producers putting in the hours on the Triple J Unearthed Plays digital radio station, which has featured one of our hottest bands, Bayharbour, several times over February and March.

Bayharbour’s latest single, “Find Solace” has made multiple appearances on the Unearthed networks since its debut and the popularity of the track has caused rotation to increase.  It is featured several times per week on the Triple J channel dedicated to underground Australian music, with plays on February 21, 24, 28 and March 8 and 13.

You can check out the live stream for yourself right now online by going to  You can also see what Bayharbour are up to and their recent reviews, latest tracks and information by going to their official Unearthed website at

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