Rum For All Wrap


On behalf of A Breach Of Silence, Mannequin Republic would like to send a thank you out to everyone who came down to party with us in Coolangatta for the All For Rum And Rum For All show, hosted by the plunderers of the pirate metal scene, Lager Stein.

As was expected, another great night out at the Coolangatta Hotel, where one of the most eclectic collections of live music was heard, include the pirate themed metal of Lager Stein, the sweet, sweet powercore tunes of A Breach Of Silence, a taste of modern death metal from Kaerulean and the 8-bit digital bizarreness of Rainbowdragoneyes.

An excellent show from an excellent line up.  Major thanks to the hard working folks at the venue, the bands and of course you wild, crazy alternative music lovers who came out to rock out in various, non-conforming ways.  We hope to see you all again at the next A Breach Of Silence gig.

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