Ozgigs Feature Trinatyde


Followers of metal band Trinatyde know that these Brisbane boys are a true underground favourite in our local music scene and from time to time they get a solid nod of recognition, as they rightly deserve.

We here at Mannequin Republic were glad to see another such nod last February when Trinatyde was featured on the Ozgigs music promotion website as their band of the week.

Ozgigs is a great resource for bands and venues looking to spread the word on upcoming events and promote the local Aussie music scene.  A new featured band appears on Ozgigs every week with details on their music, video clips and more.  You can see Trinatyde’s page on Ozgigs by going to http://www.ozgigs.org/bands/c0da20f6-1f52-4305-b1f5-42a4f915d882.

Massive thanks to all you Trinatyde faithful who shared and liked the band through social media to get them promoted on the Ozgigs website.

Make sure you come out and see Trinatyde live on Saturday April 30, when the band rocks out at Chardon’s Corner (688 Ipswich Road, Annerley) for another great Metal Of Honor event.  More details on our events page.

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