Bayharbour Gets AAA Rating


The launch show for Bayharbour’s latest single, “Find Solace” turned heads across the local music scene, pushing the band forward in the hearts and minds of many this year.  Word of mouth reports have proclaimed it the hottest show of the summer.

The show has also been raved about by critics, including the fine folks at AAA Backstage, who published a full length review of the Bayharbour launch show on their website.  The article praised the band for their stage presence, professionalism and performance.

Make sure you check out the full article on the AAA Backstage website by going to  It’s well worth the read.

Major thanks to AAA Backstage for coming out to cover the show and craft the review.  For anyone keen on what’s happening in the Aussie alternative, punk, rock and hardcore music industry, head over to their site and see what’s happening.

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