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Rum For All Wrap

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


On behalf of A Breach Of Silence, Mannequin Republic would like to send a thank you out to everyone who came down to party with us in Coolangatta for the All For Rum And Rum For All show, hosted by the plunderers of the pirate metal scene, Lager Stein.

As was expected, another great night out at the Coolangatta Hotel, where one of the most eclectic collections of live music was heard, include the pirate themed metal of Lager Stein, the sweet, sweet powercore tunes of A Breach Of Silence, a taste of modern death metal from Kaerulean and the 8-bit digital bizarreness of Rainbowdragoneyes.

An excellent show from an excellent line up.  Major thanks to the hard working folks at the venue, the bands and of course you wild, crazy alternative music lovers who came out to rock out in various, non-conforming ways.  We hope to see you all … more...

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Trinatyde In Annerley Saturday

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Heads up all you metal heads in Brisbane, Metal Of Honor is back with another stacked night of heavy music at Chardon’s Corner in Annerley.  An endless variety of metal, hardcore, alternative and underground rock as only Metal Of Honor know how to do it.

An excellent line up featuring Mannequin Republic’s own Trinatyde alongside local talent Lavidius, Misguided and Alice Lost Her Way, with some special interstate acts making the long journey up to see us in Breaking Point out of New South Wales and The Weight Of Silence coming in from Victoria.

Come out and hear these amazing underground metal acts for yourself starting at 7:00 pm this Saturday April 30 at Chardon’s Corner (688 Ipswich Road, Annerley, Brisbane).  Tickets are $15 at the door, the usual pub fare and drinks.

Trinatyde have some new tricks up up their sleeve, with rumours swirling of new tunes and some … more...

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Breach Of Ink

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


For you ink-junkies across the USA, keep your eyes peeled for the latest instalment of InkTunes, next time you pass by your local tattoo shop.  The free music sampler, now in it’s 26th instalment, has been distributed to metal specific tattoo parlours in major cities across America.

InkTunes Volume 26 is particularly awesome as it features Mannequin Republic’s own A Breach Of Silence with their track “The Darkest Road” at track number 8 on the compilation.  A Breach Of Silence are featured alongside fellow Eclipse Records label-mates Saint Diablo, Cold Snap and Blowsight along with other killer acts like At the Gates, Obituary, Torche, Me With Creeps, Aurae, Under The Red Hood, Riseback, Wasteland Rocks, Bloodklot, Souldrainer and Know Your Enemy.

If you’re not able to find a copy for yourself, don’t panic, the fine folks at Streetcult Marketing have you covered.  You can hear the complete playlist on their … more...

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Get Down For Chronolyth Friday

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Reminder to all you hardcore scene kids and death metal fanatics, Mannequin Republic’s own Down Royale will be rocking the house with Chronolyth this Friday, April 29.  Come out and mosh with us as Chronolyth launch their brand new album, Astrophy, with a little help from Drown Royale, Driven Fear and Worldlines.

Doors open at 8:00 pm when the party comes to The Valley’s hottest heavy music club, The Brightside (27 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley).  Entry is $20 at the door, with discount tickets through the bands, if available.  Make sure you bring your ID as this event is 18+ only.

This is going to be an amazing night for heavy music, so if you’re a fan of deathcore, metalcore, groove metal, hardcore and heavy alternative tunes, make sure you get yourself to this show.  More details can be found on our events page.… more...

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Ozgigs Feature Trinatyde

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Followers of metal band Trinatyde know that these Brisbane boys are a true underground favourite in our local music scene and from time to time they get a solid nod of recognition, as they rightly deserve.

We here at Mannequin Republic were glad to see another such nod last February when Trinatyde was featured on the Ozgigs music promotion website as their band of the week.

Ozgigs is a great resource for bands and venues looking to spread the word on upcoming events and promote the local Aussie music scene.  A new featured band appears on Ozgigs every week with details on their music, video clips and more.  You can see Trinatyde’s page on Ozgigs by going to

Massive thanks to all you Trinatyde faithful who shared and liked the band through social media to get them promoted on the Ozgigs website.

Make sure you come out and … more...

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