Solace Launch Successful


One of the highlights of early 2016 for the Brisbane underground music scene was the January 30 show at The Brightside, featuring the official launch of Bayharbour’s brand new single, “Find Solace.”

The party turned into a celebration of video game series Fallout, Elderscrolls and a converted main stage that lit up the night with UV everywhere.  Fanatics were pumping for throughout the night and were especially on fire for the headlining set by Bayharbour.

Mannequin Republic was pleased to be part of this event and would like to thank all the Bayharbour fans who came out to party with us.  Props to the Destroy All Lines for the venue and hook ups and of course the other bands who went all out that night, Far West Battlefront, The Brave, Wildheart and Kings.

Bayharbour will be back in action again soon, so check out our events page for more details.

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