Seeya Seeya Straya


A quick thank you on behalf of Down Royale for everyone who came out to party with us on January 2 in Woolloongabba as we sent A Night In Texas off on their first European tour with this awesome bon voyage show in Brisbane.

Apart for Down Royale and A Night In Texas lighting up the stage, we were able to mosh along to a heap of other awesome hardcore, alternative and metal acts, including I Shall Devour, Exile, Headwound The Pony and Before The Harvest.

Cheers to The Lab in Woolloongabba for continuing to be the premier venue for all ages gigs in Brisbane and letting all us hardcore kiddies come in and jump around.  It was an awesome party and we look forward to bringing you more Mannequin Republic acts at The Lab in the near future.

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