Sausage Munchers


Australia Day is a day when Aussies from all across our country get together and do things Australians were born to do; chug a few beers, spread around the Vegemite and choke down some wieners.

This year, Mannequin Republic is proud to have Jon Messer, bass player for As Paradise Falls, represent his country in an all out, no holds barred Aussie sausage scarfing contest.  It was a competition of true merit, between representatives of some of the country’s best hardcore, deathcore and alternative metal bands.

Also featured in the contest were members of Chronolyth, The Name of a Ghost, Amicable Treason and Vessel Born, with special MCing duties performed by Todd Crikey Hansen of King Parrot.

Scoffing 10 sausages, 4 pieces of Vegemite toast, 2 lamingtons and a VB, the boys had a true Australian challenge on their hands and you can witness it in a video released on the As Paradise Falls Facebook page at

Make sure you give it a like and a share and follow the band to catch the many, many awesome things they have in store for 2016.

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