Blair Goes Wicked


Continuing to ride the media train, A Breach Of Silence’s bassist and falsetto vocalist, Blair Layt, had a good long chin-wag with Wicked Liz on Wicked Chick Radio 247, broadcast out of Chicago, Illinois in the USA.

Blair went to the limit, spending an hour chatting about the band, their experiences driving across America with Like A Storm and Drowning Pool, future plans for their new recording project and returning to America, playing the Glen Barrie tribute show, the cliches behind “The Time Remains” and everything else from religion and terrorism to needing a bodyguard and Montana jaw surgery.

It is an epic interview, interlaced with some choice cuts from the recent The Darkest Road album.  We strongly advise you to download the full episode and give it a listen by going to

Major thanks to Wicked Chick Radio 247 for having Blair and A Breach Of Silence as the focal point of the show and all the hard work that goes into producing a quality interview.  We encourage all of you to check out the many, many quality interviews they’ve done at

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