Glen Tribute Highlights


The loss of As Paradise Falls guitarist Glen Barrie still weighs on the hearts of all of is in the Brisbane heavy music scene, but the tremendous response Glen’s friends and family still receive always lifts out spirits.

Approximately 3 weeks after Glen’s sudden passing, the hardcore, metal and underground heavy music community came out in force to put on one of the most widely received shows of 2015 in honour of our fallen friend’s memory.

As Paradise Falls headlined this event and showcased a couple of new songs from their recent album they recorded with Glen in Thailand.  The band has released a 3 and a half minute long video highlighting some of their set.

You can see the video right now on the bands official Facebook page by going to  If you were one of the many, many fanatics at this event, keep an eye out for yourself in the crowd.

Massive thanks again to everyone who has shown their love for Glen and his family over the last few months.  You can still contribute to this Gofundme campaign set up to help Glen’s wife and newborn son at

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